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Originally Posted by TradeBait View Post
If you want to determine whether or not Giroux is capable of consistently producing over 90 points by comparing his career to other players then it only makes sense to use players who consistently produce over 90 points.

1st season- 81GP 39G 63A
2nd season- 79GP 36G 84A
3rd season- 53 GP 24G 48A

1st season- 78GP 33G 52A
2nd season- 82GP 47G 59A
3rd season- 82GP 35G 78A

1st season- 81GP 52G 54A
2nd season- 82GP 46G 46A
3rd season- 82GP 65G 47A

1st season- 79GP 23G 23A
2nd season- 82GP 51G 44A
3rd season- 82GP 45G 46A

Finally Giroux...

1st season- 2GP 0G 0A
2nd season- 42GP 9G 18A
3rd season- 82GP 16G 31A
4th season- 82GP 25G 51A

Sure it's tough to compare him to those players but that's what you need to do if you're claiming he's part of that extremely small group.

Now I know Giroux is trending upwards but it takes something special to be a consistent 90+ point producer and it's pretty obvious that so far Giroux has shown he doesn't have what it takes. That seems to upset a lot of people but if we use common sense Giroux's career so far in no way points to him being in that elite group.

When it comes down to it, people who think Giroux can produce 90+ points consistently are basing their expectations purely on a single season performance and are lying to themselves if they say the rest of his career indicates it.
Actually we compare it to seeing him play for the past few seasons. I've been watching the Flyers for a long time and I've seen every superstar thats been on this team in recent years and Giroux is by far the most talented and well balanced player. That includes Forsberg. Now while Peter was at the end of his career He is definitely in the category of Malkin, Crosby, Ovechkin.

Because what he did to the penguins in the playoffs was pure domination. He can carry a team on his back and that is something only a very few players can do. Dustin Brown showed glimpses of it on a cup run. But Giroux has proven the be that guy here even when he only put up 46pts on a very deep team where he played 3rd line center behind Carter and Richards...I don't care what the stats say he is something special.

Proof, these are elite player points where you see how much he does to carry the play and how the game follows him:

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