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02-18-2013, 11:32 PM
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Originally Posted by Rielly4 View Post
its just sad that i got kicked, i was looking forward to next season as i enjoyed the league and thought i was pretty active and communicated as much as possible with my playoff series members, yes L.A gave me his phone number but its long distance and i cant text him... I messaged him on Xbox and the boards and i was an hour late as i said... But all season long i was messaging all the people i had games against and was playing as many games as possible, yes i got a little busier in playoff time, but i was still in contact with league members... There is no way i deserve to be kicked for inactivity... Unless there is another reason.
You were going to be kicked out last round at 2pm that one particular day, but I got delayed and didn't get home until 5pm, and fortunately for you, you had shown up at about 2:30, so you were just barely spared. Yet, you seem to think this is entirely out of nowhere.

You had told me that you would finish the series monday with the kings. Then some issue happened this afternoon. Ok. The kings then tell me you told him you'd be on at 7pm. I waited until 7:40pm to remove you. That you have had scheduling issues in these playoffs is an understatement. You got the benefit of the doubt early on as you have been in the league all season and active, but you have more than used up any of that cache or benefit of the doubt that you may have had.

Regarding other reasons, your participation in this league was going to be reviewed after the season anyway due to what I mentioned in one of the several messages I already sent you privately on xbox live an hour ago, but the scheduling issues alone were sufficient for me to remove you. You are allowed to disagree, you are just no longer allowed in this league.

Time to move on, there are other leagues (eastern based) out there that you would likely fit into better. You are usually online at times when most of the league is not anyway, and have complained at times about that.

Anyway, enough said on this matter.

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