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02-18-2013, 11:57 PM
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Originally Posted by pcanuck View Post
I hope this is untrue. If it is true, it is sad for the fans of Winnipeg. Chipman is establishing a monopoly in the city. This begins with the non-compete clause the MTS Centre already has. Now, it's a WHL team to solidify a hockey presence in Winnipeg with all teams coming and going through the MTS Centre (their hotels, bars and I'm sure soon malls). Can you say Sam Katz? My oh my.

Perhaps TNSE should concentrate on running their new NHL franchise and its relationship with its AHL affiliate - both which are floundering.

Instead, TNSE is filling their pockets. First it was getting rid of the old JEts merchandise so they could see their own. They actually contacted the RCMP to investigate the counterfeit jerseys (I have friends in the RCMP too). They are also finding new ways to screw season ticket holders into paying to resell their tickets or giving tickets to others.

Here's a stat - Winnipeg fans pay the highest ticket prices for hockey in NORTH AMERICA (when you consider/ control for median household income). YES, this is true.

Also consider that fans like us here in Edmonton get NHL games for free, while Winnipeggers are paying $10 a month for the TSN Jets (which should be free but they are soaking fans further). So consider 300K homes that get the channel at $10 a month (where the Jets retain 70% of the net revenue; so $7 a month) at 7 months (Oct-Apr) - $49 x 300K homes. That's $14.7M a year in TV revenue for NOTHING ....

And now ... they want to soak the money out of all those people who can't afford to go to Jets games. Maybe TNSE already sees the writing on the wall and realize they need to gain a larger foothold in the city and fill the arena every night.

Mark my words Jets fans - 10 years! In 10 years, Chipman will say the team is no longer viable in Winnipeg with 15000 seats and wants taxpayers to shell out for a new arena.

TNSE disappoints me. They are so concerned with revenue they can make off the backs of fans and in turn, reward them with a 5 year rebuilding program for a 5 year commitment on season tickets.

At least I can say that the Edmonton Oilers rebuild is significant but it's fun to watch. I wish I could say the same about the Winterpeg Jets but I can't - we here in yes, WESTERN CANADA can't see any of their games b/c TNSE sold their broadcast rights to BELL CANADA who refuse to show the games in any other market for less than what they are charging Jets fans.

It's very sad to see how this sport has become simply a money grab business for these owners.
All of us fans in Winnipeg thank you for your outrage. However, I for one am happy they are exploring all revenue streams. I am more than happy to pay for TSN Jets, the merch I buy, and the games I get to. I want to be a part of the NHL long term in this city, especially after going through the pain of losing a team once.

Some people don't believe that entertainment should be free. Count me amongst those.

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