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This was the post by jonny three time on RangersRush after the last time the Rangers and Storm met.

That game was at the Aud where the Storm went out of their way to celebrate at center ice, on the Ranger logo, as if it was a championship win. The only thing missing was the cup and the photographers.

jonny three time.
You guys have it all wrong with what the celebration was about. It wasn't about the fans, or the coaches or about class or about winning in a shootout. It was about one team challenging the manhood of the other team. Simple as that. They were saying "after all the times we hit you and you didn't hit us back, after all the times we snowed your goalie and you did nothing, after we jumped your guy 3 on 1 after the only good hit you guys threw all game, we feel like we can mock your team and your fans right at center ice, on your logo, and YOU WILL DO NOTHING" That's what the message was. It was a challenge. I'm interested to see if the guys follow the lead of their captain and coach by playing it soft, or if they actually try to hit the storm players through the glass, really get in their faces during scrums and really try to win a couple fights. We'll see

It was expected that a little revenge would be exacted if you heard how the Rangers talked of being upset about the celebration. Instead, the faithful Ranger fans who helped fill the Sleeman Center today were treated to a team and coaching staff who almost to a man (Thomson and Shoenmakers can't do it themselves), didn't show up.

Spott lamented, post game, about how the team didn't show up for the first 40 minutes, players taking "bonehead" penalties, etc, etc. You know, the same excuses he has been spewing all year. These are the issues that have been a problem since the start of the season and it's still an issue now? That's on the coaching staff!!

The following is jonny three time's post on RangersRush today, after he, like the rest of us, had his stomach turned by today's "effort":

jonny three time:
A week ago the Guelph Storm ended the game by mocking our team on our ice, on our logo. They were rolling around staring at our bench and laughing right at them. They're a rival team, they're a playoff team that we could meet in the playoffs and they dared our guys to do something about how they mocked us last game...

And this is the effort that the Rangers give? Just terrible. I understand not getting up for games against cellar dwellers or teams in the East, but not getting up for the Storm given these circumstances is just inexcusable. We can talk about the PP, or about the soft D, or about the handful of forwards who don't bother to consistently skate hard, but I think the problem is bigger than that...

This coaching staff conducts themselves as weak and passive men when they're behind the bench. They show no intensity, no alpha-dog confidence and no fire whatsoever. This was masked for a few years by having guys like Catenacci, Landeskog, Skinner and Kelly show the team by example what intensity and competitiveness looks like, even though the coach wasn't showing them himself. Now though, there is no real leader for this team in terms of intensity and competitiveness, so when the team needs a jolt of energy to get themselves going, there's nobody to give it. That needs to be addressed if this team really wants to be a championship team.

I couldn't agree more. Judging by the way this team "shows up" vs the more physical teams in the league, I don't see us going too far come post season - especially since our PP is terrible which allows these more physical teams, hell any team really, to take liberties at will knowing that when put on the PP, the Rangers aren't a threat anyway.

That's how it went down Friday night vs the Whalers. They took 6 straight penalties in the 2nd period and went 0-6 on the PP. Where is the deterant to not take liberties vs the Rangers??

Unless Spott allows this team to play with the same grit as their opponants, if they even can, we will go nowhere in the playoffs.

I'd hate to run into Guelph, Owen Sound, Plymouth, or the Soo come playoff time. Those teams will run us out of the rink physically and our terrible PP will only help encourage the line-crossing that will go on.

Spott is probably expecting Gibson to save the day come playoff time and maybe he will. But if I'm an opposing coach, and I know the Rangers are no threat on the PP, I have my forwards take major liberties with Gibson. Hell, throw him off his game!! If they're lucky, the hip pointer will flare up again!!

Once today and once vs Plymouth on Friday night, Joel Vienneau had to retaliate against players himself who took liberties against him. What did our guys do? Some minor pushing and shoving and that was it. If there was ever a time to take 2, 5, and 10, it's when your goalie is getting bumped around or jabbed at repetedly by the oppostion. And now we have the likes of Cody McNaughton getting into scrums with Matt Puempel. But why not? He knows the soft Rangers won't do anything. What's the worst that can happen? Take Puempel off the ice with him which means they win the tradeoff, or put the Rangers on the PP!! Geez! I bet either scenario scares the heck out of Scott Walker!!!

What needs to happen to McNaughton is the ass kicking that Dan Kelly put on him a couple years ago. I'm not holding my breath!

We had this trouble last year, liberties against Gibson and Frankie, and after getting no satisfaction from the refs, Spott seemingly took off the red light, so to speak, and there was a run of 2, 5, and 10's taken by Sol, Thomson and others in defense of the goalies. Time for that to start happening again.

Today, the Storm ran us out of their rink physically, they beat us to pucks, they won battles in the corners, and they finished every check all game long.

I said it the last time Owen Sound was at the Aud, Friday night when Plymouth was at the Aud, and again today over in Guelph:

"Boy, wouldn't it be nice to have a team like that!!"

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