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02-19-2013, 01:15 AM
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Originally Posted by awfulwaffle View Post
LOL WTF. When I sat there, people to my right were first timers, and they didn't even stand up for a goal. Their parents even commented "don't look too excited". Your seat is like the bad egg or something.
Yeah, I'm not sure what's up with my seat either. In the home games I've been to where I sat in my own seat (moved sections on Saturday), I've had:

1/20 vs. Chicago: Left - some random girl who spent most of the game on her phone and left after two periods. Right - random Coyotes fans I've never seen again.

1/23 vs. Columbus: Left - nobody. Right - nobody.

1/26 vs. Los Angeles: Left - nobody. Right - random Coyotes fans I've never seen again.

1/28 vs. Nashville: Left - myself, technically, I bought my dad a ticket elsewhere in the section but then occupied this seat myself while he sat next to me in my actual seat. No one tried claiming the seat. Right - hard to tell, probably Coyotes "fans" but they seemed to have no idea what was going on and were barely paying attention.

1/30 vs. Edmonton: Didn't go.

2/4 vs. Minnesota: Left - nobody. Right - some random person who barely paid attention to the game and left midway through the third period.

2/7 vs. Chicago: Left - nobody. Right - Blackhawks fan (she didn't seem to know hockey but screamed when the Hawks scored) with her Coyotes fan boyfriend/dad/something (was hard to tell).

2/16 vs. Columbus - Sat in 229 instead.

2/18 vs. Calgary: Left - nobody. Right - old lady who never came back after the first period.

I'm assuming that the seat to my left is a season ticket owned by a broker and they don't really have any luck selling it because it's a single (one to the left of that is the aisle seat and is occupied by a STH). At least 5 of the seats to my right are probably just up for sale as single game tickets; they've been different people every time, if anybody. Would make sense since most of them have not seemed to really have much of a clue how hockey works beyond recognizing when a goal is scored.

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