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Originally Posted by pcanuck View Post
Perhaps TNSE should concentrate on running their new NHL franchise and its relationship with its AHL affiliate - both which are floundering.
While managing expansion carefully is an important aspect of business, it's not like Chevy and Zinger would be running a hypothetical WHL team. TNSE employs a large number of people. The business-side people that would lead an initial WHL acquisition aren't involved with the hockey operations of the Jets or IceCaps, and then there'd be a new crew of people handling the WHL team.

Instead, TNSE is filling their pockets. First it was getting rid of the old JEts merchandise so they could see their own. They actually contacted the RCMP to investigate the counterfeit jerseys (I have friends in the RCMP too).
Other than gear sold at Jets Gear, TNSE doesn't make any more money from the sales of Jets merch than any other league in the team makes from sales of Jets merch. The licensing fee goes to the NHL.

Also, you don't need a friend in the RCMP to know that -- the media covered the RCMP investigation of jersey frauds. The RCMP do this all the time with other brands too. Counterfeiting is illegal, and there's nothing objectionable to any business wanting to protect its brand.

Here's a stat - Winnipeg fans pay the highest ticket prices for hockey in NORTH AMERICA (when you consider/ control for median household income). YES, this is true.
Yes, we all know this. This is in large part because we have the smallest building in the league. And beyond that, so what? Every business sells its goods for a price the market can bear. TNSE didn't buy the Jets to run a charity -- they bought the Jets to make money, and they're in a market right now that supports higher prices. Welcome to market capitalism, please enjoy your stay here.

Also consider that fans like us here in Edmonton get NHL games for free, while Winnipeggers are paying $10 a month for the TSN Jets (which should be free but they are soaking fans further).
AFAIK that's not a TNSE issue.

And now ... they want to soak the money out of all those people who can't afford to go to Jets games.
"Soak?" You're making it sound like they'd hold a gun to everyone's heads and force them to buy WHL tickets. I'd love to buy hypothetical WHL season tickets -- I really enjoy junior hockey, and it would be lots of fun to have a team close to home and get a chance to see all the WHL prospects without having to schlep out to Brandon. I'm not some poor pitiable soul who can't afford to go to Jets games and must be forced into handing TNSE money in some other fashion. It's a product I want to buy.

Bottom line: TNSE is a for-profit company, like every other company on the planet. They're not an evil empire and they aren't out to screw anybody. They're selling a product, and we as the public can buy it or not. They'd be a bad company if they *weren't* exploring various options to expand their holdings.

We can debate if those options make business sense based on the market and what we know of TNSE, but there's really no reason to act like it's some personal affront to the fans of Winnipeg.

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