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02-19-2013, 12:27 AM
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Originally Posted by officeglen View Post
Okay, give me two or more deadline deals where vets with large contracts, playing like poop and having been sat multiple games, got good trade value.
Have at it. Feel free to review & make your own conclusions, I don't know what you consider to be 'good trade value'. You jump into this conversation after I questioned a poster saying Whitney had zero trade value. I don't think personally the Oil would settle for anything less than a second round pick. Even that is questionable because they don't have to trade him.

You will see at the draft deadline second and third picks are traded like pez candy. Most often for veteran players for a Cup run. It is what the market will bare and especially with expiring contracts the exposure is limited. The reward high if a deal works it can solidify a roster depth and more payoff game drives more money. Veteran depth especially on the blue is coveted. More so than the minor leaguers you professed in your last post.

The trade deadline record is there. Find a few that support your theory. Then compare against my assertion and draw your own conclusion about likely scenario.

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