Thread: Speculation: It's Time to Tank: Who Gets Moved
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02-19-2013, 01:04 AM
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There hasn't been any stars readily available at any time in the last year or so. Tallon can't just pick them up off trees.

DT is no perfect GM. He actually makes his fair share of mistakes. But he does do well too.

Right now this whole team seems to be out to lunch. I really think we need to trade Weiss ASAP. He's nothing to this team. Send him and some stuff to Colorado and get us O'Reilly. He's no answer to our #1 center spot but he plays a solid 2-way game and is basically a Weiss copy with more size but 8 years younger. If Weiss is hurt, then sit out. He sucks so much right now that he was dropped to the 4th lin (I'm almost sure) in his Panthers' career.

I trust Tallon. This franchise lacked stability for so long. No fan is happy with every single move their GM makes, but I trust him. Unfortunately we don't have the Toews/Kane/Sharp talent that he had in Chicago, so things don't seem to be going so well right now.

However, I do not want him to sit on this team. Make some moves and bring in some guys that will be part of the future. Ice a bunch of rookie I really don't care. Teams don't make the playoffs after starts like this, especially not ones that are so ****ing inconsistent it hurts.

It's painful right now though. After last season, things were looking great. As corny as it sounds, my heart is broken right now with this team. I had decent hopes for this season (not anything crazy, but similar season to last...contending for a playoff spot/division title) but we are nowhere near that level right now. I'm tired of analyzing this team and am slowly coming to terms with the fact that we are what we are this season.

All we can do is (once again as Panther fans) continue to look to the future and hope all these prospects pan out.

If Bjugstad, Grimaldi and co. all flop I don't know what I'll do.

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