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02-19-2013, 01:31 AM
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So where would an entry level job for a hockey broadcaster be?

For regular media jobs you start out in small markets and work your way up to bigger and better. What is there comparable? College? Yeah, she's done that. Minor league hockey isn't on TV. She can't learn the ropes for the Checkers. This is the next step. We're not exactly Toronto, Montreal, or NYC. This isn't ESPN we're talking about. Or TSN, CBC, etc. We ARE one of the small markets, even if we're a 'major league' team.

And guess what? If she does really improve and become first class, she's probably not going to stick around here. Because she'll be moving on to bigger and better.

Sorry, but it is the responsibility of the production team behind the scenes to make sure she is ready and well-versed in all of these things. That is part of their job. So yeah, I still put the blame on them.

Or put the blame on whoever hired her. It's easy to say we should hire someone else who has more 'skill', but look how hard it's been for the Canes to 'hire' players when they've got millions of dollars to throw at free agents. It's not like they signed her to a 10 year $90 million contract. Maybe they couldn't get anyone else because they didn't want to come here? Maybe they wanted to try something different and hire a female instead of another male? I don't know why they hired her, but I'm still willing to give her some time before I say it was a mistake.

If she continues to struggle she almost certainly won't be back next year, but it's unbelievable so many are calling for her head after only 14 games. There were many doing so after just the first game.

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