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02-19-2013, 02:14 AM
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I would bet any sum of money that games in the NHL have been influenced illegally. You just don't know about it. (Think about it.. there's 100s of players, around 100 officials, and coaches. You don't think there's been ANY corruption between all of them over the years?)

The thing is, to guarantee a result for a match, you generally have to involve more then 1 person (with the exception of if you get a goalie to agree to throw the match. Giving up 3 - 4 goals against in the first period before they get pulled would pretty much throw the game). 1 corrupt ref might be able to give away 3 or 4 free power plays at most. On average that would translate to 1 goal for a top PP team. That in no way comes anywhere close to guaranteeing a result. Any individual skater will get benched for the rest of the game if they keep playing like crap. A coach by himself can't throw the game without making it obvious. Sure, he can bench his top line all game but I'm assuming he wants to keep his job too.

If there was a scandal, it would likely involve 1 specific group of people. And whoever those people were would get banned from the league and things would move on. It's not like the whole league would be involved and would collapse. It would probably be a small handful of people.

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