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02-19-2013, 02:15 AM
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Originally Posted by RainingRats View Post
There's a bit of a disconnect for how ROR is valued by the Avs but what they want to actually pay him. Either he is worth a boatload of quality players and prospects(he's not) and then they should pay him his salary demands or they're posturing to get the price up as high as possible. I think based on how they haven't signed him his return wont be close to what they're asking.
It's not that they don't value him as a player, its just the management style of the organization. They historically dont take well to hold outs and hard line negotiations. The same thing happened with Chris Drury, and numerous other talented players that have ended on bad terms. The avs offered a generous raise for a bridge contract after his breakout season and the potential they saw. Just a bad combination of the FO seeing their offer as generous and ROR's agency trying to redefine the 2nd contract at the same time didnt bode well.

Then according to one of the posters over on the avs boards who is close with a lot of the players, negotiations took a nasty arbitration style turn where the avs spelled out why they wont pay him big bucks now, and at that point things got ugly.

IMHO being from from South Florida and a panthers fan as well. I hope Tallon passes. Even though I think the media hype is just Shermans way of trying to up current offers, I think realistically what Avs would try to get is Kuli + Shore for ROR + a dmn plug if needed. I wouldnt give up on Shore, bc i could see him becoming the same type of player you're trying to acquire. Just my 2 cents.

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