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Originally Posted by Trxjw View Post
I've always likened Fasth to Patric Hornqvist. I think Fasth has better wheels and slightly better vision, however, the rest of their games are very similar. Both know how to get to the dirty areas and they just seem to find the puck there.
Good comparision in terms of goalscoring.

Fasth is also up there flirting with a player like say Valteri Filppula in terms of being a two-way force on the ice. Or a player somewhat in the Straka mold.

There are many players in this league who are very good at what they are good at -- so to speak. A player like Straka had his strengths too for sure, but if something was undone on the ice, a player like Straka had the brains to always get that done too. Players with that ability can be extremely valuble, and it shows at Straka's track record which is tremendous. I think a big part of the tremendous +/--numbers of that unit was attributeable to Straka, they scored many goals, but they also gave up very few.

A certain kind of skating ability is also the one of being able to always just stay with the flow of a game. Someguys are great at that, and Zetterberg is a very good example. He isn't always the most pretty looking skater, I am sure many skating coaches would have a problem with his skating in certain areas. But due to a great mix of core strength, skating technique in certain areas, stamina, hockey sense and what not, guys like Straka, Zetterberg, Filpulla and co (and many others of course in this league) are always able to stay with the flow of the game. There is a whole bunch of speed monsters in this league who definitely isn't close to being able to accomplish the same thing. Its simple logic really, if Dereek Boogaard back in the days were skating 3 mph North and Carl Hagelin were skating 3 mph South, its going to take a like a full zone for Hagelin to catch up. So "straight away"-speed is a very small factor in the equation, and a player like say Zetterberg -- who is remarkable in this area -- who always are heading in the right direction and who is awsome at keeping speed under his feet, is able to stay with the flow in a way most players only can dream of. This area is probably Fasth's biggest strength. Especially after breaking his leg, I don't think his skating has been in the Hagelin mold. But, he is still the type who can be caught on the ice for a long shift in the attacking zone, and then all of a sudden there is a transition play and somehow all of a sudden Fasth is basically the lone guy back on a 2 on 1 skating like he can barely lift his legs, but still keeping up with the play and disturbing the attackers. Four other players on his team was standing still when the transition play was executed but Fasth had speed under his skates and saw the play develop.

Hörnqvist got better size and a heavier shot than Fasth, but Fasth's potential is probably higher because he could become that type of player who really makes his line complete.

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