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Originally Posted by yianik View Post
Of course Im excited with the wins and of course you have to give credit to MT, but, but, Eller. Commentators were talking about how well and Hard Eller has been playing and that he has earned more ice this game and thats why he was promoted to a scoring line this game. They showed MT saying Eller had earned it. It was also noted that Eller said it was hard to remain patient. Okay, so Eller ends up playing 12 minutes and as I watched the game he seemed to get demoted to other linemates, then I fell asleep, so please confirm.

I chaffed a bit with the Eller earning better linemates and ice time stuff, this kid has been busting his tail pretty much all year and he has kept his mouth shut.He earned his shot weeks ago for better line mates and time. B. Gally is out, no excuses now, Eller should be getting the linemates and the time, hes more than earned it and its our chance to see what we have in this kid, no more dumping of young talent at 50 cents on the dollar like Houle and Gainey. I also think Eller is getting a bit disappointed given his comment and its no surprise hes finding it hard to stay patient. You know, you can reach a point where a young guy just throws in the towel , we have seen it a number of times in Montreal.

This seems like a really good kid with some level of untapped talent, just want him to have an opportunity here to show what he can do, play him already.
Eller is useful in many position; I am happy to see how he's playing now.

But we have to be realist: the reason our 4th line is so effective in the past match is because we have Eller there. He carries the skill aspect of that line, his linemates carry the physical aspect. It doesn't necessary convert into goals, but it sure convert in heavy pressure on the opposition's ass.

This pressure allows our other 3 lines to remain rested and effective.

Eller is given some PP time, so I am sure he understand he isn't in the doghouse. It's just that his best place for the team, at the moment, happens to be the 4th line. He'll be ready to step up in case someone gets injured or has a very bad game.

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