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Originally Posted by No Team Needed View Post
Yes, of course he does. That's the point of risks. Bobby Orr gave up the puck more than any player in the NHL because Bobby Orr always had the puck. Having a good game doesn't mean having a perfect game. You ignore the real importance of the end to end rush and that's getting the puck into the opposing zone. Subban does it better than almost anyone on the team.

The day Subban becomes conservative is the day we might as well trade him.
Bobby Orr, really... sure you dont want to compare him to Bourque, Lidstrom or one of the big three while at it ?

watch more carefully next time, 99% of his end to end rushes have him ending in the left corner in the opposing zone, with no one to pass and no angle for a good shot... so really, what's the positive in this ? oh yeah, he gained the zone, tried a pass (and failed since he had no one to pass to), and skated back to his D position - BRAVO!
(dumping the puck gives the same results by the way)

conservative Subban at the beginning had him producing at a PPG pace, since back to his old self no points... I'll take the conservative Subban back thanks you very much...

get over the fact he's flashy, flashy =/= effective.

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