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02-19-2013, 05:38 AM
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Originally Posted by Live in the Now View Post
There was no more notable example of that than against Chicago. Against Columbus and St. Louis this never had to happen because their team speed and top forward play isn't so great. There's just a few things that need to be looked at to understand why we're struggling. It isn't line combos, it isn't lack of talent up front. It's because the distance between defense and attack is minimal. Forwards are not supposed to have to go to the faceoff circles or below to go get the puck.

What are our forwards supposed to do? Expecting three guys to skate from the faceoff dots in our zone into the oppositions defensive zone and put on pressure to score goals, I'm sorry but that isn't going to happen. There hasn't been a single breakout offensive performer this season for a reason. Everyone is below PPG pace for a reason. The only line we've had that looked good was one with two guys comfortable carrying the puck the whole way up the ice (Clifford-Carter-Williams).

We are the best breakout passing team in the league at full strength. We're not at full strength. We will probably lose more games as a result of turnovers in the neutral or defensive zone. That's just life, nobody is going to change it. **** happens. What we really need is better passing from our defensemen because lots of these rushes forward are being turned into cycling sessions when they should be turning into attacks with speed.
People need to read this post again, Don't just gloss over it, Read it.

This is spot on, and explains better than my rambling.

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