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02-19-2013, 07:39 AM
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Originally Posted by aresknights View Post
I was wondering about Saskatoons roster compared to the Spits. Thought I heard Saskatoon had a big group of NHL drafted kids, Ill look at it after Knights game today.

You mention all the Spits returnees but more goes into it. How many are top level kids?
Youve given London the adv at F. Thats obvious. The skill the Knights return along with PO experience is huge and far beyond that of any other squad (even if they fall ealry in this years POs)
On D Id take Matta (1st rd) Zadarov (projected late 1st rd) Mermis, Liberati over Spits top 4 D any day. London has a chance at Sefton returning as well, plus more assets than the Spits to move.
Stolarz, Hebrst (former 1st rd) and Patterson over DeKort and the ever incomsistent Pavelka any day. (thou I hope they keep Pavelka as it burns a couple options ffrom a roster point of view)
Just MO
Eight returning D-men is hard to overlook,especially when they are Koekkoek,Seiloff,Ebert,Murphy,Bateman,plus Sanvido,Brown and Bowen,in my mind its beats only 4,only 1 has more then 1 year exp which is Maata,the others are rookies in this league,talented no doubt but raw,the combined experience as of now before this year is Windsor 7 London 1, afterwards it would be 14 -5,windsor big difference
Like I said i did not mention O/A possibles for either,I dont think Sefton returns for a 5 th season,San Jose will sign him,London would definiitely add 1 maybe 2 O/A on the
back end depending on if Griffth returns,Broadhurst pretty much guaranteed
As for goaltending both teams have returning goalies,Herbst cant be considered has yet to play,Kuchmey who has 2 years jr b experience would be Windsor 3 rd goalie
but at least he has played unlike Herbst and I know for a fact they are concerned going forward with Herbst,with knees u never know,especially a goalie
At the end of the day unless something is in the wind that we dont know about
London will get to host,especially if Guelph is not in the mix
Is it right yes and no,they would put on a great show,building would be filled no doubt,talent is pretty good,the league likes london more then Windsor,Windsor overall has less talent returning though things can change in a hurray,other then the fact London hosted less then 10 years ago it should be theirs
We will see

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