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02-19-2013, 07:43 AM
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Originally Posted by pb1300 View Post
This team has NEVER had a GM like Tallon. Our minor league affiliate was a mess, our scouting department was a mess, and our top prospects would have a tough time cracking our current top 10 prospects. What did Tallon do? He came in and immediately improved our scouting department, and built one of the top prospect pools in the game. He got rid of anyone who did not want to be here (Horton) and built a team that was able to bring us our first division title in team history, plus break our decade long playoff drought. But all that goes to waste because he brought in Kuba?

This team is going to be built mostly through the draft, that is just how it is. You wont see any top free agents come in here any time soon. This team is better off staying the course that Tallon has set, rather than go with a quick fix, like the Thrashers did. Tallon did it before it Chicago, and is in the process of doing it again here in Florida. The pieces are coming along, and the way its going, adding a Mac/Drouin/Jones etc. to this team will put them over the top. The difference is Dale Tallon, which is quite evident.
Yep, well said, both you and MR.

You won't forgive him cause he brought in Kuba? That's an incredibly ridiculous statement, and the one problem with last season. Now everyone wants to veer from the plan to keep us a contender for the playoffs...but Tallon is building a Cup contender! He's not goin to veer from that. Thankfully.

The other issue, the biggest issue, was Cohen. A self imposed cap when it was unnecessary, constant impatience with GMs and coaches..and players. Getting in the way of trades, and leaving a bad taste in the mouths of guys who left. We now have an owner who's patient and understands the process. I'm a fan, we missed for over a decade, we're starving for more success, but try to be patient, too. It'll come, and it'll come consistently.

We can use a couple quick fixes, but nothing that'll hurt the future.

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