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02-19-2013, 07:53 AM
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Originally Posted by Lessthan900 View Post
Okay, I know I'm carrying on with far too many arguments; but you all pretty much agree. So, I want to turn the argument to specifics. If you could, name the players whom Florida brought to the NHL too soon, as to prove your theory. Or, at least that theory. The "give it time" argument will of course take a lot of time.

I can't think of any player that Florida tried to push too soon. For instance, Anthony Stewart: would he have become a better player if he had spent more years in the minors or juniors or wherever? Bouwmeester was obviously not harmed; Luongo was not harmed; Horton was not harmed; . . . . You can offer up examples of players the Panthers messed up. Novo? He could never get around that last defenseman and get the shot off. Wasn't he supposed to be the next Pavel Bure?

Wait. Maybe Dadonov? But he's kicking ass in Russia now, strangely enough, playing on a line with Vaclav Nedorost--remember him? One of Dudley's boys, I think. Another Panthers alumni on Donbass HC is Clay Wilson. (Remember, the defenseman who scored 3 goals 2 assists in 15 games.)

Please son't think that I don't understand what you are talking about. I get how Chicago, Carolina, Pittsburgh, and so forth worked out, starting with drafted stars.

One guy who ruins all theories is Steve Yzerman. Starting the year he was drafted, Detroit made the playoffs every year but two, including after he left the team.
Horton was ridiculously lazy, maye earning his time would've given him drive. Bouw lacked in the same areas he does now, he just has horse-like stamina, perhaps he could've produced more had he had time to hone his skills. Lou was already playing for the Isles.

I can't count or remember all the players that have been in and out of here, not gonna try.

Players in Euro leagues don't impress me. Great they're doing well there, doesn't mean it'll translate. Good for them, and how would they have done learning the game in the AHL? No crystal ball to say.

And sorry, but the Wings have been juggernauts, as just because some guys can step in and be superstars doesn't mean they all can. I realize that's redundant, but it apparently need to be said.

Trust Tallon, what else can you do? Especially with what he's done in a short time.

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