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wow, I've never seen a team so snakebitten

- Alfie's post on the backhand
- Brodeur barely stops Daugavins chance just after
- Zack Smith chance that hit Kovalchuk's skate with an empty net
- Chris Neil save a point blank shot with his face in front of the Devils net
- Another shot deflected by Neil in the 2nd, just came an inch off the post
- Silfverberg post on perfect shot
- Silfverberg point blank chance, couldn't get the shot off because of a stick

That was just for the first half of the game... Brodeur has been good and lucky however we still pull off the win but with a little bit of puck luck we should be able to score a bit more. Good news is they create chances

Originally Posted by Ouroboros View Post
Like there's a forcefield on the goal-line or something...
This. I was thinking exactly the same thing lol

================================================== ===============

Had to watch the game PVRed again last night but here's my GDT analysis. There's a lot of gems lol

Some people might wonder why I am doing this. I like to challenge people's opinions that are based on nothing (sometimes I just acknowledge comments too, so don't automatically worry if your post is quoted!). Nothing could be bias, hate or whatever that doesn't make any sense (purely irrational). I'm (desperately) trying to make people "raise" their level of posting and reflexion process thought. I know it might not work with a lot of people, but at least I'm hopeful it helps a bit.

Oh, and yeah, there's all the facts too. So many things are simply not true or exaggerated. Needs to be rectified

Originally Posted by CarknerCountry View Post
Nothing my point was it would allow a Gryba to develope further in bingo..
lol I didn't comment on your thousand of "questionnable" posts but this one catched my attention

Eric Gryba is soon 25 years old.


Now or never for Gryba, if he can't make a rebuilding team full of injuries, then...

Originally Posted by AndrePetersson View Post
Turris won a faceoff!!!!!!
Not sure what you are talking about... Turris is 50.4% on the year

Originally Posted by Cujomi View Post
What an ignorant post. In fact I've come to agreement with many Colorado fans on a trade for O'Reilly: Zibanejad, Wierchioch and our 3rd for O'Reilly and O'Brien. You could of course take the stick out of your ass.
With that return, O'Reilly better be a high end player

Originally Posted by Holdurbreathe View Post
He was playing well in Binghamton this year, he had one bad outing and the fans on the board were trashing him.
lol the Bishop bashing after 1 bad game (was unlucky on several goals too) was one of the most ridiculous things I have seen on HF and God knows how much crap I have seen. Bishop has been solid or good in +90% of his Sens organization games. Difficult to ask more.

It shows you how much biased some people can be and would do anything to "fill up their agenda"

Originally Posted by Frodo View Post
He definitely doesn't have the intensity he's known for. It's hard to single him out though because the whole team is slower, passing poorly, shooting poorly and defending averagely.
I don't know how much credibility we can put on people's opinion around here

Defend averagely?

They are 2nd in GA per game in the while NHL, with 1.88 GA while the Elite Chicago team has 1.87 GA...

If they're so bad offensively and defensively, how come they outchance the opposition and still have a positive differential despite being totally decimated by injuries? They're missing 4 of their best 9 forwards (and their best 2) and their best 2 D-men, particulary two top-25 players in the league.

Originally Posted by BankStreetParade View Post
This is the most pathetic hockey I've ever seen. This is full on panic mode for this team. We can barely generate a scoring chance let alone score enough goals to win. Murray needs to pull the trigger and bring in players who can at least keep this team respectable. We wouldn't even win in the ahl with this amateur roster.
If there's anything pathetic, it's this post. We just won vs one of the very best teams in the NHL.

And we have been outchancing other teams all season (check below).


200-184 in the first 12 games (153-135 at ES), and the trend somewhat continues in the following games :

20-17 vs BUF (10-11 at ES)
14-16 vs PIT (10-10 at ES)
12-10 vs TOR (9-8 at ES)
11-15 vs NJ (9-9 at ES)

Not bad for a rebuilding team missing at least 50% of its talent. If you can't adjust your expectations... then I have no idea what to tell you but reality might be something abstract to you

Originally Posted by BankStreetParade View Post
Exaggerate??? What have you been watching for the last 2 games? They can barely string together a couple of passes. Most chances in the offensive zone die right away. We can't sustain any pressure and our guys can't hit the net when they shoot. Not to mention were playing more rookies than anybody should play at the NHL level. What's to exaggerate?

holy cow sample size batman...

After already missing Cowen and Spezza, then Regin and Latendresse, they just lost Karlsson and Michalek. I think they need a bit of time to adjust, 50% of the actual line-up has less than 100 NHL games experience and another 28% has between 100 & 300 NHL games...

Try to compute that with your brain.

Originally Posted by aragorn View Post
They have generated a lot of scoring chances & had the best of the play in the 2nd period, they just haven't finished. What's with all the whining?
We have a very young and immature fanbase... That's all I can come up with

Sens are doing very well under the circumstances. You'd have to be freaking blind to not see this.

I actually think they will not lose enough to have a top-5 pick. So prepare to be disappointed tankers (I think a 5-10 pick is very possible though)

Originally Posted by Serbian Power View Post
Did we just win in a shootout?
Quoting this post but there was several like this... I don't know why people act like we never win a shootout

Sens are 14-15 since the 2009-10 season

4-6 in 2008-09
3-5 in 2007-08
2-6 in 2006-07
2-6 in 2005-06

They struggled the first few years but it has been improving since, to the point that we're near 0.500 now... I think we can put that urban legend to rest.

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