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07-12-2006, 02:12 PM
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Let's compare Legwand and Ribs:

Legwand. Ribs is one of the slower skaters in the NHL, while Legwand is one of the faster skaters

Tie. Both are good passers. I know many people will say that Ribs is a better passer because of some of the terrific feeds he makes but this is more a result of his vision (see below)

Puck Handling:
Ribs. Legwand is a good puckhandler but doesn't possess the same moves as Ribs

Shooting: (accuracy, velocity, release)
Legwand. Ribs just doesn't have a hard shot, nor a quick release. It is at times accurate. From what I have seen, Legwand's shot is better.

Ribs. This is Ribs strength. He has terrific vision and creativity. Not knocking Legwand's vision, it just is not as good as Ribs.

Defensive Awareness:
Legwand. I believe Legwand kills penalties - well I do see he has scored SH goals in previous years. Typically, only players with good defensive awareness kill penalties. Ribs defensive game is awful

Tie. From the stats earlier, they both stink. I was surprised, I thought Legwand was at least respectable.

Legwand. To me size is not a huge thing, but Legwand has size and Ribs, as we know, ain't big.

Final Tally:
Legwand: 4
Ribs: 2
Tie: 2

See, to me, Ribs vision is wonderful, but he does not have the size, or speed, to execute his vision on a consistent basis. And at playoff time, his lack of size/speed hinders him more. And I think this is why Ribs ceiling is not much higher, if at all, then what we have seen. Since he still a Hab, I hope I am wrong.

On the other hand, Legwand does have the necessary skill set to be a successful offensive centre in the NHL. He is still young, so don't write him off yet. Some players take longer to develop, or some get hurt (or both) I think that his game is perfectly suited in the new NHL and as such think his ceiling is quite high.

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