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02-19-2013, 09:37 AM
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Originally Posted by Beendair Donedat View Post

Kadri isn't just talking about the corners, he's saying he has a lot more room to do his thing out there and he's not bothered as much... That means a lot to a smaller skilled guy.
I think it's an absolute mistake to have an enforcer on the ice while the opposing team has skilled guys on.
Kadri might want to skate around with his head up more, and try to stay out of trouble, but I'm pretty sure he'll be getting a lot more scoring chances than if he played versus a smaller but more skilled line like Plekanec's.

Players will never say they're against heavyweights. Fighting is part of hockey, always has been. Most of the players in the league have them as teammates, or at least had one at some point. I'm sure throughout their careers, plenty of them have bonded with some and/or have friends doing this tough job. So they'll never admit to HWs not holding much of an importance.
Imagine if Kadri said he doesn't think a HW like Orr is needed, that he rather have a more skilled bottom liner instead, a la Moen. Well, the next time he gets hit from behind, or knee on knee, or elbowed to the head, you think Orr will go help the teammate that just called him useless?

Of course players are going to stand by each other.

As for Kadri having more room out there thanks to having a guy like Orr, I think it's fictional. Otherwise teams with enforcers on them would never see their skilled players get pushed. We all know that isn't the case.
And again, does it really affect the outcome of a game? I don't think so. Otherwise we would have lost every game versus Boston over the past few years.

As I said, I don't think having an enforcer changes much. It's good to know there's a guy that can defend you, but skilled guys tend to play versus skilled guys. So generally speaking, I doubt players worry about this. Especially with the instigator rule now, just look at what happened to White.

I think you need to adapt. If your most common opponents have one, then you should have one too.

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