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02-19-2013, 09:50 AM
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Originally Posted by Dread Pirate Anton View Post
So where would an entry level job for a hockey broadcaster be?

For regular media jobs you start out in small markets and work your way up to bigger and better. What is there comparable? College? Yeah, she's done that.
Apparently she didn't do it long enough to develop a professional skill set. Perhaps, like everyone else in the world, she shouldn't have been promoted to a level of responsibility that she couldn't handle.

I get that everyone takes some time to adjust to a new job. There are going to be goof-ups here and there. But her job is very narrow and specific, and it's not an "on the job training" field of work. There is no, "oh, she's new, let's give her a whole year to figure out if she's able to develop enough skills to do the job". If she can't stand in front of a camera for 30 seconds and read her lines without screwing something up, she doesn't belong in the profession.

Sorry, but it is the responsibility of the production team behind the scenes to make sure she is ready and well-versed in all of these things. That is part of their job. So yeah, I still put the blame on them.
This is entirely the wrong organization to pretend that it's not the responsibility of the broadcaster to do his/her homework before the game. Kaiton and Forslund go to great pains to make sure they have their pronunciations down pat before they go to air -- they ride the same planes Chantel does, so what's she doing with the other 21 hours of her day that makes her too busy to read 22 names out loud in front of them and make sure they sound right? Are you seriously going to sit here and argue that it's someone ELSE'S job to make sure she knows how to pronounce the name of a Hall of Famer?

Or put the blame on whoever hired her.
Absolutely. It was a terrible hire and Rutherford is ultimately accountable for it.

Maybe they wanted to try something different and hire a female instead of another male?
So hire a competent woman to do the job. It's really not that hard to pull off, unless the point is to put pure eye-candy out there for the men to ogle. Which is apparently what they did, and is sexist as hell when you think about it that way.

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