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02-19-2013, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Lessthan900 View Post
Okay, I know I'm carrying on with far too many arguments; but you all pretty much agree. So, I want to turn the argument to specifics. If you could, name the players whom Florida brought to the NHL too soon, as to prove your theory. Or, at least that theory. The "give it time" argument will of course take a lot of time.

I can't think of any player that Florida tried to push too soon. For instance, Anthony Stewart: would he have become a better player if he had spent more years in the minors or juniors or wherever? Bouwmeester was obviously not harmed; Luongo was not harmed; Horton was not harmed; . . . . You can offer up examples of players the Panthers messed up. Novo? He could never get around that last defenseman and get the shot off. Wasn't he supposed to be the next Pavel Bure?

Wait. Maybe Dadonov? But he's kicking ass in Russia now, strangely enough, playing on a line with Vaclav Nedorost--remember him? One of Dudley's boys, I think. Another Panthers alumni on Donbass HC is Clay Wilson. (Remember, the defenseman who scored 3 goals 2 assists in 15 games.)

Please son't think that I don't understand what you are talking about. I get how Chicago, Carolina, Pittsburgh, and so forth worked out, starting with drafted stars.

One guy who ruins all theories is Steve Yzerman. Starting the year he was drafted, Detroit made the playoffs every year but two, including after he left the team.

First, We didn't draft Luongo. We traded for Luongo and Jokinen. We should have never drafted Bo and Horton! We should've drafted Staal and Nash, but in any event, we brought them in way to early as our "future star" players and I think it stunted their growth. Rumors had swirled that Bo wasn't happy about being drafted here in Fla, so maybe that's why he didn't develop into the next Lidstrom. They should've stayed down in the minors much like Huberdeau and Gudbranson did and let them gain experience instead of throwing them to the wolves. Dadanov was playing very well here, IMO, but s**t happens I guess and he didn't last.

I am as disappointed in this season as every other Panther fan, but I trust in Tallon 100%. He really has changed this teams outlook 10 fold, from top to bottom (although I wish we were able to get rid of Yormark) I don't think the Kuba signing was bad either, I just think Kuba isn't playing up to his abilities. When he was signed,he had similar stats to Garrison except that he had done them more than once. I am willing to give Tallon a pass because I get to watch the Huberdeau-Shore-Mueller line and I love it! When I look at Gudbranson,Huberdeau,Shore, and Mueller, that reminds me of what Tallon has done here and it does make me happy knowing these guys are here and are our future. Imagine what Huberdeau is going to look like in a few years, with some extra muscle and experience under his belt! Same with Gudbranson.. We'll have Markstrom in net, Bjugstad in the lineup. Petrovic on D... Hopefully these players turn out to be as big as we hope they will and I am sure Tallon would've brought in some good free agent talent as well.

I think as hard as it's going to be, we need to be patient with this team this year and not expect anything good. I think the fun stuff and good stuff will come next season. We'll get another great prospect (unless Tallon trades that high draft pick for a superstar) and we'll get more prospects in our system. Our youth will have a year of experience under their belts. Some dead weight will be shed. We'll be 100% Healthy (cross fingers) Markstrom will be up. We just have to be patient.

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