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02-19-2013, 09:52 AM
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Originally Posted by Lessthan900 View Post
Okay, I know I'm carrying on with far too many arguments; but you all pretty much agree. So, I want to turn the argument to specifics. If you could, name the players whom Florida brought to the NHL too soon, as to prove your theory. Or, at least that theory. The "give it time" argument will of course take a lot of time.

I can't think of any player that Florida tried to push too soon. For instance, Anthony Stewart: would he have become a better player if he had spent more years in the minors or juniors or wherever? Bouwmeester was obviously not harmed; Luongo was not harmed; Horton was not harmed; . . . . You can offer up examples of players the Panthers messed up. Novo? He could never get around that last defenseman and get the shot off. Wasn't he supposed to be the next Pavel Bure?

Wait. Maybe Dadonov? But he's kicking ass in Russia now, strangely enough, playing on a line with Vaclav Nedorost--remember him? One of Dudley's boys, I think. Another Panthers alumni on Donbass HC is Clay Wilson. (Remember, the defenseman who scored 3 goals 2 assists in 15 games.)

Please son't think that I don't understand what you are talking about. I get how Chicago, Carolina, Pittsburgh, and so forth worked out, starting with drafted stars.

One guy who ruins all theories is Steve Yzerman. Starting the year he was drafted, Detroit made the playoffs every year but two, including after he left the team.
I said MOST, not all. There will be some guys who at 18 are ready for the NHL. Most are not. Using a hall of fame player(outlier) is great way to not ruin any theory.

Weiss, definitely. Horton, very likely, his game was incomplete, still is. Kulikov could have used another year to work on his offensive game. Olesz to work on confidence in their offensive game. Those are off the top of my head. Other guys are not good or were never going to be good.

What does show that being patient works can be seen with Hubs who has 6 goals already, Shore who has been fantastic-AHL all star, and Gudbranson who although to me has been unremarkable this year is trending in the right direction. You can also take a look at a guy like Bjugstad who has shown YOY improvement and will be a big piece going forward. An old regime would have had Howden in the lineup because he definitely has NHL abilities(size and skating) but he's not an NHL ready player yet. You would also have seen Petrovic in the lineup this year, imo, but we're letting Petrovic work on his positioning and developing an offensive game.

The whole point of being patient with guys is fine tuning their skill set, work on certain aspects of their game that are more easily fixed playing against lesser competition, which they will eventually get down, and gain that ever so important confidence in their game.

Going forward, I believe we have a first pairing d-man in Kulikov in a couple of years(possibly #1), a potential first pairing guy in Guds, a #1 goalie in Markstrom, a first line winger in Hubs next year, a first line winger in Flash, a second line center in Shore, and second line winger in Mueller as significant pieces for the future that I'm very confident in. Biggest hole is a legit #1 center and a pure goal scorer. Hopefully the upcoming draft will fill that.

Looking down the road... We're getting another good piece for the top 6 in the draft. We have Bjugstad who has #1 center potential but is probably more of a #2 guy. Then we have guys like Knight, a guy who has shown YOY improvement and a soon to be Hobey Baker finalist who will slot in as a third line center in a year or two. Howden will also fill a top 9 role.

We have quality pieces. We need to patient. Tallon can hopefully supplement with free agency and since we'll have so many young guys, we might have some cap space to try to get a 6 million dollar forward, who knows.

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