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02-19-2013, 09:54 AM
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Florida has Markstrom waiting his turn. The Caps would take Bernier over Holtby and Neuvirth? Doubtful... I completely forgot Jersey as an option though. Any chance Philly would be an option should Bryz continue to struggle?
Washington was talking to the Canucks about Luongo but the Canucks wanted too much back. So I wouldn't say thay wouldn't do a trade, or maybe they felt with Luongo that they had a veteran goalie and could skip the growing period required for Holtby (who I like, and from what I saw in the playoffs, has the right stuff. He just needs time to adjust to the NHL like any hyoung goalie)

Bryz vs. Bernier- I would much rather have had Bernier. On that dark day (for me as Flyer fan one of the darkest) when I got word that Richards was in play to LA, I thought (for a brief moment) that the FLyers would do the right thing and Bernier would be part of the package. But that didn't happen.
As much as I wouild love for the Flyers to buyout Bryz (who will never win a Cup here..his playoff GAA is over 3.5 and historically in the playoffs he tends to be mentnally weak and crack under pressure. ) and trade for Bernier , unfortunatelyi ED Snider is approaching 80 this year and is getting less rational every year.

Historically, the Flyers are not patient with their young players and have thrown away far too muich talent. They had a great group of young talent on the Phantoms Calder Cup team in 2006. Seidenberg, Patrick Sharpe, Niinimaki, Richards, Carter not to mention having Lupol and Sbisa. All gone...because Snider is always after a 'quick fix' trading talented prospects for that 'difference maker' that 'vet guy that will get the mthere' It doesn't work, building a championship does ,not buying one.
Look at JVR, who said in his first interview as a Leaf that it would be great to be on a reg line with reg minutes and PP time. He never got the in Philly. ANd he was right. Power forwards need stablility on a line to develop right.. He was bounced from line to line, benched, never got PK or PP time. He's getting that in Toronto and growing every game.

We had a good young goalie in Bobrovskjy and he was great in his first year, soaking up everything the goalie coach and Boucher (mentor) taught him. Given the right time and patience, he would have grown over last year and this one into a good goalie. But they threw him away after his first year becaue Snider wanted to 'win now' and waiting for a young goalie to develop would take too long.

Bryz was mistake, and even if they do the right thing this year or next and buy him out, Snider will go for a FA, or trade for an one.

He just never gets it...If he'd only hung onto that core of players from the Calder team and build a defense around them, they would have had a better shot at having a Cup by now and having a consistant contender.
Every year they gut the team a bit and /or make poor decisions. Even somthing like losing Matt Carle because they were waiting for a pho ne call that was never coming from Suter. The Farm team, thanks to bad trades and giving away picks, is barren.
I 'm just waiting for them to make the mistake of trading Matt Read in an effort to get a defensman. Read is one terrific two player player in all 3 zones, smart as hell and fast. Rarely makes a mistake. The most consistant player on the team and one of hte few bright spots this year.

I love Bernier, would LOVE to see him in Orange anb Black but I can't see Snider deciding after the last 10 years of 'win now' opting for Bernier over an estalished goalie. Or worse, not buying out Bryz...

It ain't easy being a Flyer fan...
But thanks to Ed's huge mistake, I have become an avid fan of the Kings and have Cup posters, photos and plaques with Richie and the Kings on the walls at my house and a great Kings w/Cup screen saver on the PC at work

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