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02-19-2013, 09:54 AM
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HF-NYR Fantasy Keeper League 2.0 - The Revival (Sign up, Choose Teams)

We did this last year, with NY RKY in charge. He had some stuff going on, and we were unable to continue.

- Essentially this is a GM Game with the hopes of continuing for multiple years (not making promises)
- 30 people register, and choose a team, who's current NHL Roster they receive
- The game itself will be handled entirely be me. I change the rosters, sim the games etc.
- You trade, change your lineup etc.
- Non-Rangers are Welcome

Most of the basic info is in the little box below, and the link to the last thread of the old game, which should give you a better idea of what is happening.

If you wish to participate, post in the thread with the team you would like, and yes, the Rangers are taken.

About The Game
  • We will be using current rosters to start this game out.
  • Prior to the simulation (talked about in a second) there will be a couple of day grace period to allow for teams to makes trades and tinker their roster as they see fit.
  • Upon completion of this trading period, all 30 NHL teams will be entered into NHL 13 season mode.
  • I will simulate the NHL season, up to and including the playoffs, stop after each week in game (give or take) to provide an "Around the League" update as to current standings, stats, etc.
  • Teams can make trades during the season whenever they see fit only up to the trade deadline.
  • After completion of the first season, we will enter into the 2013 NHL offseason compete with free agency and trades.
  • The NHL Entry Draft order will be determined based on the standings after the season has been simulated.
  • Agents will be hired to negotiate with the GM's for free agency.
  • After the offseason is over I will put all 30 NHL into NHL 14 and proceed to simulate another season in lock step with the real NHL season.

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