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02-19-2013, 11:04 AM
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Originally Posted by txpd View Post
in short. the lockout happening was common knowledge among nhl players and agents. kuznetsov knew that a full nhl season was unlikely and no season was possible. a partial season had clusterf*** written all over it. so skipping this season was a no brainer. waiting one more season for the olympics fit the program.

it all makes perfect sense. the kuz doesnt want to play in the nhl talk is just like the semin wants to play in the khl talk. its bs.

second. the caps want to trade kuznetsov because he might not come over. the op wants kuznetsov in a trade because he will come over. funny
This is the part that I have a big problem with. Oiler fan comes in and tries to low ball for a top prospect - stating that he will likely not come over, so we will give you this. Low risk, high reward. You need to rebuild.... blah, blah, blah..

Caps fans respond stating he isn't available without some really solid return.

Then Oil fans come in a blast him with BS like he doesn't play hard etc and he wont come over - all of which is nothing but a blatant lie. Then it becomes a battle over who is good and risk (value) and a lot junk that has nothing to do with the Caps trading or willing to trade their top prospect for scraps.... Other Oiler fans feel the need to jump in and pile on the Caps and talk about issues that don't exist like they are facts.

What really ticks me off about threads like this is the fact the the OP thinks fans are just stupid and wont see though his bull reasoning. Every organization would like to have a prospect ilke Kuznetsov in their system. If he was so much a risk or had effort issues, then you wouldn't want any part of him.

Nothing constructive in this thread.

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