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02-19-2013, 10:16 AM
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Originally Posted by pcanuck View Post
kingballs -
The Oilers were bottom feeders for a reason. They traded away anything and everything to rebuild. Now, they are a playoff team three years later. That whole time, the fans have not abandoned them - they knew what was happening. Winnipeg fans will not abandon the team but they want to see some change, Anything!
They are?

They can only hope so, as they soon won't be able to afford said young talent.

Originally Posted by pcanuck View Post
Baseless speculation?? Really? No offence, but everything written here is opinion, they aren't empirically based numerical facts based off the scientific method. Burmi was upset last year (there are media reports to suggest that). This year, he's got a lot of ice time and playing all over the place. Do you think a coach does that to great players? Also consider Noel has no idea what he's doing.

Wheeler for a second is a good deal. Fans are drinking the TNSE koolaid and I can't fault anyone for that. The Jets are back but fans are over hyping the value of the players. Wheeler was a first round dud in Boston. We got him and Stuart for our 2 duds in the draft = a lazy Dman and a small speedster. Stuart was still the best part of that deal. Wheeler is a third line player at best. So is Ladd. They get points because they are getting 17-20 min a night. They are also overpaid. No one is taking that kind of salary on for 3-4 line players. Those are players that can be found within their AHL affiliates unless they need them for a playoff run.

I appreciate the compliment - Steve T. is a nice guy and a good GM. He's also gotten something for nothing on many occasions. We can't say that about Chevy yet.

Not everything is baseless speculation, nor is it allowed under the blanket statement, "it's my opinion." I'd suggest you look at the rules of these forums.

You also can't just give third liners minutes and expect them to produce at the pace Ladd and Wheeler have. There's also statistics to prove this, but I'm guessing you're someone who doesn't believe in statistics.

Going to save my breath here anyways, if you think that Stuart is better than Wheeler I'll save my time.

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