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Originally Posted by pcanuck View Post
replying to you... Every team requires a sense of urgency - if you don't have it, what are you doing?

Some recommendations.

How about Chevy actually doing what TNSE hired him to do. How about building through the draft. That means draft day trades to move down and get additional players who can assist within the next year or two. Drafting underclassmen and hoping they pan out is foolish. Waiting FOUR years for Trouba is ridiculous.

Waiver wire pickups are for lowly teams. We don't need this. We have adequate players in the minors we need to see. Why haven't we seen our $!M AHL players like Jaffray and Machacek? What is Chevy waiting for? Is he waiting for them to bolt like Kulda who was almost promised a shot?

As for trades, only the village idiot trades players when their value is low. Wellwood should have been traded to the Canucks who WANTED him for a 3/4/5th rounder. Now, he's put in and out of the lineup - how do you think he feels? Think he's resigning or will have anything good to say about the organization?

Kane, yes he is our only legit scorer and I love him. But EVERYONE knows he will be run out of town eventually. Why not trade him when his value is high? He's worth 2 first rounders. Right now, TNSE KNOWS which realignment the NHL is going with. Find a trade partner and move on.

Buy out Pavelec at the end of the season and NEVER give 4-5 year deals for any player unless they are a true superstar. A second year starting G should have never been given that salary. We're the laughing stock of the league. Enstrom (a great transition player) and Byfuglien (a known disaster in his own zone but great offensively) could be traded for 1/2/3 rounders to again, restart the program.

Sign Burmi to a 3-4 year deal before he holds out. Consider him gone very soon because he's already ticked at the organization. I'm surprised Noel hasn't tried him in goal yet.

Trade Wheeler while he still has some value. If people say they want to build through the draft, this guy ain't it. He had a great year last year - trade him now before he loses value. You could get a second rounder for him and a decent guy in the AHL.

These are simple ideas to get a winner in 2-3 years not waste time signing guys like Jokinen who I do like but is a veteran player you bring in for a playoff run not for a rebuild. Chevy over-estimated the pieces he thought he had last year. Lots of people did.

So yeah, there are things he can do - but I would prefer to watch a young emerging hockey team like the Oilers than rag tag has been/ never weres that pull on these jets jerseys.

Getting serious about building through the draft can be done but Chevy hasn't done it. He doesn't know how. Trading down means acquiring pieces. If the scouts did their homework it shouldn't be a problem.

Why don't we send the team to Toronto while we are at it? I think the drafting for the Jets will be better than other teams because we have twice as many scouts as other teams. In Atlanta the team was very badly mismanaged and that will take some time to recover from. As for the Trouba pick, he fits right in the gameplan, when this team gets to a contender level, he will be ready. As for the Scheifele pick, I am personally 50-50 on it but the Atlanta scouts had a lot of influence on that pick. We could have had Sean Couturier but we will see in 3-4 years. The Jets have fired a lot of Atlanta scouts and have hired their own. As for what the management is doing they are doing a good job, don't go the Calgary Flames(your way pcanuck) and trade all the young assets for old players. This off season Chevy MUST PUT HIS STAMP ON THIS TEAM, with all of the expiring contracts and a lot of cap space and lots of picks in the top 2 rounds in a deep draft(don't know the exact number), if he does not do anything, then I'd be worried but until then, lets see what happens.

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