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02-19-2013, 11:39 AM
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Originally Posted by deeshamrock View Post
Washington was talking to the Canucks about Luongo but the Canucks wanted too much back. So I wouldn't say thay wouldn't do a trade, or maybe they felt with Luongo that they had a veteran goalie and could skip the growing period required for Holtby (who I like, and from what I saw in the playoffs, has the right stuff. He just needs time to adjust to the NHL like any hyoung goalie)
The only reason I says the Caps don't want Bernier is that he isn't a surefire upgrade over Holtby and Neuvirth like Luongo is. Louie is an established veteran that can be relied upon to play ~65 games a year. Bernier, Holtby, Neuvirth are basically all young unestablished goalies trying to break in as starters. It's a lateral move at best for the Caps and I doubt that if they didn't like the price for Loungo they aren't going to like the price for Bernier when they have two of their own Berniers currently.

As far as Philly goes, I agree completely. But I still think it may be possible. They have a pretty great young core right now that they hopefully continue to build around and I think Bernier would be a perfect fit with those guys in front of him.

Maybe the Islanders could be an option? I know they have som goalie prospects but still... Wouldn't mind a player like Brock Nelson coming back. He would be the ideal 3rd line center! Otherwise you have Nino Niederreiter, who is a more likely option. Then we would have to add a little.
I forgot the Islanders, but yeah that got discussed about a week ago in the Trade Rumors thread... Not sure they are a good fit either with their internal budget, at least not until they decide to spend some money on an actual team and quit dumpster diving...

^ I would of never guessed that you had such an admiration for Richards

This comes completely out of the blue to me..
Dee posted very sparingly around here until the Richards trade and was one of a couple of people around here that seemingly became a Kings fan when that trade happened. I think he was even one of the people involved in the coining of the Kings as Flyers West.

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