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02-19-2013, 10:41 AM
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Originally Posted by Captain Smurf View Post
Also, he has a hitting machine in Leo Komarov ON HIS LINE. Guys like Scott can't play on any line other than the 4th, so how i the hell can they protect guys like DD and Gionta?

Listen, we're top-10 in hits in the league, we aren't a bunch of smurfs anymore. We should work on getting bigger, but we absolutely don't need an enforcer.
thats it
i think its more important to have a big guy on the team taht can hurt (i dont mean injure here) people with a good clean hit and still manage to play well than a guy like scott who is useless other than fighting

a fight is a fight, alot of them are more like tussles anyway, but getting rocked hard by a hit makes you think twice about doing some things.

the only thing that sucks right now are that the biggest hits are coming of two of our top 4 defencemen.

We need someone on the 4th line that can hit that hard well and clean and not hurt the team.

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