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02-19-2013, 11:48 AM
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I would recommend a single lesson with a private coach. I had been skating about 6 months when I finally tried that. She made a couple tweaks to my stride which immediately increased my speed by probably 20%. She did a lot of work on edge control and then... ugg.... my backskate. My backskate was awful. I had never done this right. Fundamentally, when I taught myself, I was always putting my weight on the foot pushing off, not on the glide foot. This just completely limited my ability to ever develop a proper rhythm or technique, let alone develop a backward crossover step(impossible). I took that one lesson and the drills she gave me, and practiced them like crazy. Then when I felt I had improved a lot, went back for another.

For me, a lot of it was about re-learning things from my bad self taught habits. So, I would work with her to get the 'feel' for how it should be done right, then practice the hell out of it, then go back for more.

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