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02-19-2013, 10:57 AM
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Originally Posted by Jussi View Post
Being in the world (sports) media's headlights once every 4 years should be enough. The rest of the time, NHL is rather nonexistent.
NHL has over 3 billion a year in revenues so I wouldn't say that is non-existent it is solidly in the big 4 of NA team sports leagues.

The debate here is how much is that media exposure for the gold medal game actually worth? Some people here claim it's basically priceless but that deserves some scrutiny, maybe it's difficult for us to quantify with little data but some NHL marketing execs certainly have put a value on it. Plus remember the value shifts from the the high end of being hosted in a major north american city (salt lake, vancouver) to the low end of obscure eurasian skiing villages. But how does it measure up to the costs which are real? The costs of the 2.5 week disruption, plus the revenue potential lost to playing for IOC (versus keeping it with a World Cup), you are prolly talking 50 million $ here at least.

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