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02-19-2013, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Lessthan900 View Post
I agree. Although I don't understand why Tallon doesn't do something to help us advance--we are going backwards. And there is no end to the awful things I could say about the Panthers of the past. Although I enjoyed the years when the Panthers were penalty kings.
Like I said in another post earlier in this thread, this year is a success if our prospects grow and develop and we add another pick who has the ability to fill out our first line. I think people feel like were going backwards when in reality last year was an aberration. If all you had to do was sign a whole ton of free agents in order to win your division, then each year the bottom dwellers would cut half their roster and sign all the free agents. But the truth is that signing a ton of FAs is not supposed to be a model for winning a division. Last year was a breath of fresh air for a franchise that was suffocating. But we are not that good yet. We just arent. Over the next few years our roster will get younger and younger as more and more of our prospects make the team. This is by design. Because we have so many young boys on the team, they will not have the experience, resolve, or ability to make the playoffs. Again, thats a good thing. Theyve got to lose so much, and hate it so much, that they develop the will to win. The next 2-3 years of losing will also continue to keep our prospect pool full of talent as we begin to deplete it by adding our prospects to our roster. At some point the team will be made up of mostly players we drafted. They will be young talented players who are sick of losing, and slowly, they will start to win. Once we start to get close, we will supplement the missing pieces with big name free agents, and that will put us over the hump. Thats the plan that DT is putting in place. So unfortunately, get use to losing in the short term. My way of dealing with it is by redefining winning as seeing our prospects develop. So if Hubs is out there and creates a bunch of amazing scoring chances, but the team loses, thats a win in my mind cause Hubs is gonna be one of the guys on our first line when we win a cup, and he's gonna need the lessons that he learned in this loss.

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