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02-19-2013, 10:58 AM
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Originally Posted by Kriss E View Post
Nobody has ever said PK was God, not sure why you have to act Like a 5 year old.

You can look at a few instances in a game for every player out There and say they made mistakes.
Yesterday, Markov fumbled the puck at the blue line during the PP, an unforced error, it caused an offside.
Another time he pinched up in his zone to go after a guy. That opponent made a pass down low, Markov didn't hustle back and let his man go to the front of the net. Luckily, Emelin stopped the attempted pass.

Those are actual mistakes. PK dangling in his zone isn't one. It's risky, but unless he got stopped, it's not a mistake. Doesn't mean he was mistake free, he made some, like every other player. But he still had a solid game.
Sure, that's why you're all ready to jump on someone for the simple fact s/he said P.K. made a mistake, get over yourselves. And that includes you and your I know it all B.S. You're no smarter than most here, au contraire.

See, that's where the problem is... dangling in his own zone, inches away from the net isnt a mistake to you, that's what you believe... well, thing is, he did end up giving away the puck to the opponent. Wich should be a mistake by your logic (unless he got stopped as you said, well HE DID)... So was it a mistake or was it not Einstein ?

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