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02-19-2013, 11:00 AM
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Originally Posted by AEM6729 View Post
We do need a DET GDT! Since there isn't one, I guess I'll post this super random question's the sitch. I'm a nurse and my scheduling window opens online tonight at 2100. EXACTLY 2100. It is cutthroat. If I don't get on there right at 2100, I'll be left with the scraps and my schedule will suck.

As we all know, the Internet doesn't work on anyone's phones in the Arena unless maybe you have AT&T (and our scheduling website doesn't work well on phones anyway). Does anyone have any creative ideas that would allow me to hop on a computer for 5-10 minutes that don't involve leaving the game early?!
Could you elaborate, as maybe other people know but I don't: Why don't phones work in the arena?
Is there not any wifi available as well?

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