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Originally Posted by Aslanrh View Post
Assuming the rumors are true (and they seem somewhat believable) that NYR was considering MDZ for ROR until the Avs asked for a prospect as well, then

if as leafs fans contend
I wonder how a Gardiner to NYR for MDZ+ trade proposal would go over with the NYR fans?

Avs fans have a set value in their mind for ROR. Leafs are set about Gardiner. None of us are GMs for our teams (or are we???). It seems to me that there is no more point in Gardiner for ROR discussions, since the Avs are not looking to add to their end of a deal for ROR unless its to add multiple play now Assets coming back, and the leafs fans feel the opposite. This Leafs/Avs bridge has been traveled enough.
Who cares. Seriously. Leaf like Gardiner and he isn't going anywhere. Don't give a rats ass what other fans think.

Listen to other fans and the entire Leaf roster is a salary dump. It'a a wonder they win any games with all the crappy players.

The Rangers have Lundqvist, Richards, Gaborik, Callahan, Nash, McDonogh, Staal, MDZ, Girardi and 10 other guys better than any Leafs -- that's why they haven't lost a game yet.

Seriously -- ALL Leaf players are crap ROR >>>>>>>> Gardiner. MDZ >>>>>>>>>> Gardiner.

We get it. No run along.

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