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02-19-2013, 11:31 AM
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Originally Posted by goyotes View Post
Agreed. The only thing I would add is that the time for the NHL to have done that has effectively passed. They are playing out the string. For those locals, go see as many games as you can before the team leaves at the end of the season.

I know I am making every effort to use all my tickets instead of giving them to clients.

The media has given the NHL a free pass. I'm not sure I understand why exactly. It would seem to be a good story to write that would sell a lot of papers. Basically, the NHL took advantage of the CoG (an easy thing to do it appears), and not by just a little bit. The CoG built an arena for the NHL team, gave up a $50M payment from Ballsilly when it decided not to support his bid in the BK, and on top of that actually gave the NHL $50M over the last two years. People put their careers on the line based upon representations by the NHL. The CoG dedicated a tremendous amount of staff time to all things Coyotes. I mean, it is really sicking.

I can only hope some of this is brought to the light of day sometime soon. But let's not expect Sunnicks to write the article. The guy is lost and doesn't have the brain power to actually connect the dots and do the hard work of creating the time line necessary to tell the story.

Having said all that, it was nice to watch the game in front of a full house yesterday. And I would say less than 20% appeared to by Flame fans. And some of them already come to Coyote games and wear Coyote sweaters unless the Flames are visiting. One has to ask why yesterday, but in a week for the Wild game it looks like less than 12k tickets are sold thus far. I scratch my head when it comes to attendance issues.
The problem with Sunnucks is that his main sources have always been one of the carpetbaggers who were trying to buy the team with as little investment of their own money as possible. They duped Sunnucks and several on Glendale city council.

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