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Originally Posted by Atas2000 View Post
2. Let me take a wild guess. You haven't seen him or other russian prospects play on junior level much? My wild guess is I have a much better sample size on russian junior hockey than you.

3. Stats reflect a lot of stuff for ppl like you tio thrive on. You can make everything you need out of them. Your 1st line argument is the most laughable one.

Numbers are for geeks. How many points John Tavares would score once on a decent team? What would Pavel Datsyuk's point totals look like if he hat a decent winger? How many hits Alexei Yemelin would have if not in Montreal? Anfd how would all those players look on big ice?

You can compare whatever you want. Ovechkin sucks in the NHL, but he was the OV-Beast on the NT and with Dinamo Moscow, so I don't care. There are too many factors no stat will ever tell you.
First, I did and I have. Second, yes you may have a better sample size on Russian junior hockey which is absolutely irrelevant in this discussion because we are comparing players from all over the world (how is sample size on MHL relevant when you compare Nichushkin and MacKinnon?).

On the other hand, I doubt if you could tell 3 best teams in the CHL without looking them up on the Internet. Knowledge of Russian junior hockey doesn't make you an expert on the matter.

To quote Mr. Kekalainen, "Stats are facts...In the long run they hardly ever lie. Thorough analytical work is needed to make a proper evaluation of them.". And this fella drafted Hossa, Perron, Spezza, Pietrangelo, Tarasenko and etc. so by "making everything he needs from them" he's done a pretty good job. You may call these people geeks but in fact they can simply understand what the numbers are saying better than you and that's the direction hockey world moves to (although I guess these ideas will show up in Russia in no less than 10 years).

About your rhetorical questions regarding Tavares, Datsyuk, and Emelin - ever heard about advanced stats?

Same with Ovechkin but in his case I find it curious how you say I'm using some kind of twisted logics and at the same time you are pointing at how well Ovi performs against all this B-level opposition (I know, I know, here comes your belief about how good the KHL is)

Originally Posted by Atas2000 View Post
I've seen those players with different coaches in different situations(also off the ice). I can tell a unique player from a very good one. Gretzky was unique, Crosby is unique(I don't like him as a person at all), but then there is a whole bunch of just great players.
So what's your point on this one? Russia has more unique players or you are brilliant at evaluating talent or there's just no point at all in this paragraph?

Originally Posted by Atas2000 View Post
Also the fact that you stick with the NHL only speaks volumes. "1st line in the NHL = GOD. Not 1st line in the NHL = BUST" Great orwellesque logic.
What else should I stick with? It's the best league in the world where the best players in the world (even Russian ones) play. Also the quantity of information about the NHL is unmatched.

And this one - "1st line in the NHL = GOD. Not 1st line in the NHL = BUST" - I don't know what the hell are you talking about but if you truly misunderstand what people are saying to you this bad I don't know why do you bother coming to discuss here.

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