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02-19-2013, 11:34 AM
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No one says that Calgary has one of the top prospect pools. We say that it's not one of the worst, which is true, and that as long as it continues to trend upward, Calgary will gradually improve and thus there's no reason to hit the panic button and blow it all up.

No one talks about Calgary having a good farm system as a whole, but at the same time most of Calgary's prospects are unknown and unhyped; largely due to the fact that there's not many Flames fans here. What you will see though from other fans, is praise for individual prospects; ie a BC fan raving about Gaudreau, Providence fans have said how good Gillies and Janks have looked, WHL fans that are high on Ferland, etc., If you group those opinions together you'll see that Calgary gets respect across the league from knowledgeable and objective fans. It's just that Flames prospects as a whole are under the radar, so other fans don't really know much about them. It's not because the prospects are bad, it's because people are ignorant about Calgary in general. You see guys in here talking about how Glencross is a 3rd line player worth a 2nd round pick. I've even seen Canucks fans say that. People in general just don't know **** about Calgary, they just go by what they hear.

As for Toronto having more haters, well that's highly debatable IMO. Saying MUCH more though is simply not true.

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