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02-19-2013, 11:38 AM
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So I have to say, being from Illinois, I am getting absolutely sick of Blackhawk fans.

How narrow-minded they are to their own team is ridiculous. They won't shut up about the 'non offsides call' from last night, saying this call was a "joke" and ruined the game. While I do agree it was the wrong call, they seem to forget about some calls that have gone in their favor this year.

First, there was the phantom Goalie Interference call that handed them a regulation win against the Blue Jackets earlier in the season. I guess that penalty is OK because it was in advantage of the Hawks.

Second, there was the non-goal turned "goal" against the Ducks that allowed it to go to OT and handing them a free point. Again, this call must have been OK because it extended the Hawks precious "Unbeaten In Regulation" streak.

There was also the hit during their game with SJ. The "Hit to the head" that screwed SJ out of a 4 minute penalty, and was a huge momentum boost for Chicago. They seem to forget about all these calls, but get stuck up with one questionable call that went in Colorado's favor.

In my opinion, the non call on the offsides is far more justifiable than the first 2 calls above. The linesman thought Nashville was the last team to play the puck before it went into Nashville's zone. Which, if that was the case, the play would not have been offsides.

I'm sorry for rambling on about this, and I'm not too sure if this is the correct thread to post this in, but I am just extremely ****** off and wanted to get this out of my system. I also wanted to get it out to other Avs fans, because at this point talking about it with my friends (who are mostly Blackhawks fans) is like talking to a brick wall.

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