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02-19-2013, 11:45 AM
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Originally Posted by DeuceMN View Post
If you're building endurance, yes, high reps of course. Say during the summer though, when you're working on strength, you lower the reps and add weight.

Heatley was barely even sweating during his workout. With doing high reps he should have been sweating like a pig if he had been pushing himself. He is also working out of his place, which never works as well. I'm not basing all of this just on that one episode, you can just look at them and see their battle and endurance, Heatley cannot maintain it well at all.

FYI, Jarome Iginla squats sets of 500lbs. I'm not going into why I know this, but it's pretty reliable, if you feel like trusting me. Hell, Mikko was squatting 450lbs+. These are pro athletes, 120 that Heatley was doing whould be nothing more than a damned warmup. If you're not doing 70-100 reps of that weight, at this level, you're not in the shape you should be in.

True...I mean we're high school athletes doing more weight than that...LOL

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