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02-19-2013, 11:54 AM
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Originally Posted by NHLfan4life View Post
Uh, I'm not sure I follow you. Those markets are not proven, they couldn't support their teams enough for them to stay at the time of their relocation... on top of that, the fans in the areas reacted like little girls finally realizing that their "boyfriend" finally dumped them for serious at that time... and now they are upset. Bottom line, the economy and attendance of both of those markets were limited at the time of the move... with Connecticut continuing to be one of the richest states, and Quebec now desperate to get an NHL team, I think there are the perfect pieces to the puzzle here

I still don't see why Seattle is a better market. I actually don't see why any of these places are good markets since nobody is equipped to take an NHL team and wont' be for quite a while.
No no, see you have this wrong. They "were" bad markets... but clearly bettman and co have pissed off fans in these areas so much that they are going through leaps and bounds just to be seen (why else would QC be building an arena WITHOUT promise of an NHL team?). Both places have temporary homes for teams to use at this moment, both places have both the money and the fan base to support a major league team.. AND....
BOTH teams have had teams ripped out from under them. One has to wonder whether bettman and co did all these relocations just to land a TV contract, followed by "gracing" fans with the return of their teams...

Dunno. Just been something that's been in my head lately.

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