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02-19-2013, 11:57 AM
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A shtick on my part? Seriously? You know, some of us actually care about this team and aren't ready to give up in February. Sure, we've got a mountain to climb, but I'd rather watch them climb it than sit at the bottom and go "ah screw it, too much effort. When do the Tigers start?" Though, I'm pretty sure you were there, Rayzor, back in September.

As for our bet - you were so hung up over the last one we never got a chance to make a bet for this. If you wanted to collect on the last one, you know where to find me. My apologies if the ONE time you actually come to collect, in five months, I was at work, where I couldn't pay up That said, I'm willing to bet on this one......if you are.

I don't know that the team has mailed it in, either. They were giving it their all out there last night and were very close in shots. They just couldn't solve Paterson. The Rychel penalty late in the third probably killed any momentum or confidence they had to tie it up, though.

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