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02-19-2013, 01:03 PM
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Originally Posted by F A N View Post
I don't know if Cody treats defense as an afterthought as he makes the effort to get back. I do agree that when he was a Canuck, Cody looked like he frequently cheated. I think he did that in part because Cody knew he needed to produce offensively to gain icetime and stay in the lineup. He needed to be defensively responsible to stay in the lineup, but above all else he was there to provide offense.

But I agree with others that Cody's size and speed are likely factors preventing Cody from being a good defensive player. It's the same way with the Sedins. The Sedins are actually good defensive players IMO but they do get caught flat-footed in their own zone and they can't seem to find a way to tie up guys even thought they are right there. If you watch the goals that scored against the Sedins you'll find that they aren't caught out of position. It's the same way with Cody, except Cody can't win the board battles the way Sedins can. When Cody is on the ice for goals against, you'll find that he's actually not caught in a bad position, it's usually due to the fact that he got caught flat-footed or he failed to tie up his man.
I think a lot of it has to do with the intention to do well defensively. It just isn't there with him. He has to want to defend and not cheat. It has to be in his makeup as a player.

Plus I think he has things "figured out" in the pros. It becomes pretty difficult for a coach to sit a high producing player. As long as he keeps producing... So he's bought into that mindset. It won't be until he isn't producing and is getting lit up defensively, that Ruff will take notice and bench him.

Cody has no base to fall back on.

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