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02-19-2013, 12:05 PM
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Hope I am in right thread

I just read this. It is not possible to translate it, so just headlines.

- Kuznetsov, Tarasenko (not anymore), Buchnevich, Filonenko has KHL financial grants (+ salary from club). I have no idea if more kids has grant, Shalayev named only those.

- KHL wants to adopt ice surface 56 or 58 x 28 m in far future.

- minimal requirements for arenas will be tougher after Sochi (3-5 yrs from now). Minimal capacity around 7000 instead of 5500. Arenas of Spartak, Vityaz, Barys wont be allowed in KHL - so VHL or new arena.

- KHL wants to organise Winter classic, but international IIHF calendar does not allow it now. maybe future.

- KHL would like to publish budgets and player´s salaries but russian law does not allow it (only if player agree, which he/KHLPTU does not)

- max of salary cap (1,1 bio rubles) should not change in next seasons.

- KHL has been following best european refs, have scouted 8-9 of them and wants to hire them for next season. Not all. This season only finnish ref Ronn works in KHL

- Future of euro hockey is in integration Shalayev. "If we (Europeans) dont integrate to make great league, we will become NHL feeder, which we dont want."

- the rules which obligated clubs to skate 2 juniors will be abandoned.

- KHL wants to hire air company/ies which will be carrier of KHL clubs. But russian ministry did not allow non-russian company to do this job and russian companies are not possible to do it for all clubs.

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