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Originally Posted by SupersonicMonkey View Post
You have your opinion.

Skjei is a FAR more intelligent player than Del Zotto. It's not even close.

Still way to early to know if that intelligence will amount to much. Pinning your hopes on Skjei now, while he's still dripping wet behind the ears is foolish.

Fasth and Lindberg are two of the top young players in the SEL.

And they ALWAYS pan out in the NHL. Good to know. I know that's a snarky response and I apologize for that, but what they are and do in the SEL has nothing to do with their ability to translate that game to the NHL. The NHL as a whole has see more of these guys fail than succeed in that regards. The only positive I take from that is that there is two of them, the odds are in our favor that one can be a 3rd/4th line player for us

Nieves is Michigan's top forward.

On a team that has 10 losses in their last 14 games and a total of 10 wins and 18 losses. 2nd to last in their own conference? He's the best player on a crappy team. Nice. I hope he developes well. More than that I hope they have a very good in coming group of players over the next 2 years. They have 5 Sr's, 6 Jr.'s and 8 SO's of those 19, you can expect that at the very LEAST 10 will not be back. They are a bad team now, what makes you think they team will be any better. I really hope that Boo developes, the future in Mich. is sketchey

McIlrath is progressing very nicely.

Willing to wait for Dylan. Guys his size take a bit to get comfortable and the knee injury set his developement back a bit.

Del Zotto, while talented, has a lot of potential, but he's wildly inconsistent, and he's going to get paid.

I have no problems with a somewhat inconsistent 22 year old that posts 40+ points a year from the defensive position when we have no one else that can do what he does, consistently or otherwise.

This is what happens in a capped league. Sacrifices need to be made. And when you can maximize value, you do it, and move forward with players continuing to be promoted and taking spots.
I agree that tough choices need to be made in a Capped world, but you do not weaken an already weak aspect of your team by trading the only guy you have that can do what MDZ does.

That makes no sense to me.

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