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02-19-2013, 12:23 PM
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Originally Posted by FirstOverallLine View Post
To Van:
Blake Wheeler

To Wpg:
David Booth
1st round pick
2nd round pick

Vancouver does this because they need a big body to play with the Sedins (Kassian is starting to cool down). Winnipeg does this because Wheeler is probably going to demand a lot of money in the offseason and they still have a ways to go before becoming a contender. Booth gives them a good option on the second line for a couple more years and they get a couple picks which can help the team in the future. Thoughts?
I'd pass as a Canuck fan.

First, the Sedins don't need a big body to play with. Kassian wasn't a long-term option with them, and will likely be playing with Kesler (who should be a good compliment to each other's games). This makes Wheeler unnecessary - as they are both right wingers that can play that role next to Kesler.

Burrows is the guy next to the Sedins, and he was moved back to the Sedin line not because Kassian cooled down, but because the Sedins play better next to Burrows. They each have won scoring titles with Burrows on their line, so why would the Canucks give up a bunch of asset value and take on a contract who you said is going to get a big raise (which the Canucks don't have the flexibility to accommodate), when they can produce among the top players in the league with Burrows next to them?

Wheeler is a good player but is up for a new contract the same off-season when the cap drops drastically and the Canucks are already well over the current cap. I'd rather just go with Booth and see how he does coming back. The Canucks have had several players like Booth who have struggled to first find a fit with them when they arrive in a trade, but have only improved significantly once they've been given time to adjust... we're seeing that this season with Ballard, who was trashed on constantly when he first arrived and even as early as the beginning of this season, but has been the Canucks most consistent dman this year, now having adjusted to the system. Booth can similarly find a fit once he's spent more time in the system, and a line of Booth-Kesler-Kassian could be great for the Canucks moving forward.

No need to give up 2 high picks (in a deep draft, with an organization already low on prospect talent) and a player that could still work out for a RFA who could demand too much for the Canucks to fit into their cap situation moving forward. And besides, Kassian seems to be that same fit of player - albeit bigger and more physical, but a big playmaking right winger with good vision who could be a good compliment to Kesler long-term.

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