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02-19-2013, 12:29 PM
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Originally Posted by zeykshade View Post
At least you didn't directly put "Teddy" or "Purcell" in the same sentence with "consistently". You implied it though.

Nothing about Purcell is consistent. A motivated Purcell was finally seen against the Panthers. First sighting this season really. You can tell he's motivated when his legs move. For the most part, he's loafed around on the ice this year. Like he did for part of last season as well. He's basically the Lightning's Less Skilled Alex Semin. When he's on, he's top notch. His release is every bit of world class and his poise with the puck is marvelous. When he's "Happy Go-Lucky Teddy", he's Alex Semin minus the awful stick penalties.

I hope the Panthers game springboards him into the Purcell we saw for the last half of last season. Guy was on fire.
I'll be honest I just started watching hockey about halfway through last season but pick up on things quick,however probably don't have as great of knowledge as some of you lifelong fans.

If Teddy is really that bad we are screwed! He was 3rd in points by a decent margin last season and is currently 4th and 24th in the league. He also outscored Semin last season, I know points aren't everything and we need him to show up when it really counts but you might be a little harsh on him and we most certainly could have a worse player for his position.

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