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Originally Posted by ReaallMunson18 View Post
Alright I'm a ref of 10 years myself, but I'd like to get your insight on what, if anything, you would call in this situation.

Contact league, touch up offsides.
Play is in offensive zone, puck barely comes out, team dumps it back in offsides. As team is clearing the zone, defensive team player picks it up and passes by a offensive player leaving the zone. Now, offensive team player skates as if he is going to clear the zone, but as passing by the defensive player with the puck lays him out (shoulder to shoulder, shoulder to chest, something that is clean). What's the call? Just intentional offsides.
I've seen situations like this and it never happens (either because it's dirty, or there is a penalty). When imagining this think of high speed. The player who has the puck is completely defenseless because he thinks the player will clear the zone since it's offsides, but instead gets laid out.

I can't think of a way to give the player any penalty, even though it is a very cheap move.
There is no penalty for being a dick or half the guys I ref would be in the box all the time.

The only call I see is intentional offsides.

Also, for the record, I have never missed a call as bad as the one on Matt Duchene's offside.

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